12 Ways Communities Are Taking Care of Each Other During the Pandemic

The efforts range from a Slack chat community connecting people around the world to suggestions about what to do with ...

Which Countries Have The Highest and Lowest Mortality Rate Over COVID-19 and Why?

by Yasmeen Rasidi, Citizen TruthApril 4, 2020 The U.S, Italy, and Indonesia have the highest mortality rates from COVID-19, according ...

The Sex Education Expert Speaking Up About Medical Racism

ANANYA GARG FEB 11, 2020 Ericka Hart is changing the face of health education. The sex education expert and professor ...

School Fitness Centers Aim to Improve the Health of Low-Income Students

by Claudia Boyd-Barrett, California Health ReportMarch 19, 2018 Fourteen-year-old Sophia Gutierrez had seen gyms on television but never stepped foot ...
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